Michael R. McFarlin

Pottstown Office - Senior Associate

Areas Of Practice


  • Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law
  • Loyola College of Maryland (now University), B.A. in Political Science

Bar Affiliations and Activities

  • Berks County Bar Association
  • Lehigh County Bar Association
  • Montgomery County Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

Why Law?


he laws of our nation impact our lives every day…I truly enjoy helping people understand that our system of laws is set up to promote the general welfare of our country, our Commonwealth, our communities, and our lives. Imagine the chaos we would have without our system of laws! I love to research and find the buried old case that can still define someone’s future tomorrow….and the way brilliant minds in the United States Supreme Court and the appellate courts of our Commonwealth reason through using recent developments in the law to reconcile the old with the new and weave logic out of chaos! Also, there’s nothing better than a tear of gratitude in the eye of a grateful client.



ttorney McFarlin was born in Portsmouth, Virginia in the Naval hospital. He was raised on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, went to college in Baltimore and law school in Ohio He played rugby from his freshman year in college through law school, where he was a player/coach/captain, and for over a decade after that. He has been a singer for serval garage bands and still enjoys karaoke. He met his wife at the Regal Beagle. During Attorney McFarlin’s first year out of law school, he worked as a judicial clerk for a three judge panel in Salisbury, Maryland. After that he worked for a small law firm in the Lehigh Valley and went out on his own for over a decade, succeeding with cases other attorneys would pass on. He has been billed as a “Giant-Killer” an “angel” and a “Slayer of Dragons”. Now he is working at Rick Linn, LLC to bring justice and understanding of the law to his clients and those who oppose them. He has been married for 25 years and has one child who is currently in college at American University.
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