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The firm’s attorneys have experience representing individual, corporate and municipal clients, in all aspects of real estate law, including buying, selling, developing, operating and financing real estate projects. Our Real Estate Attorneys possess the knowledge and experience necessary to see our clients through any real estate transaction.

Our clients have included lenders and borrowers, landlords and tenants, commercial and residential developers and real estate brokers. In the current economic climate, proactive and knowledgeable legal counsel is one of the best assets you can have on your side in any real estate property transaction.

With experience on both sides of the planning and settlement table, the attorneys at Roland Stock, LLC provide the know-how necessary to help you navigate through the paperwork and understand all of the potential costs, obligations and issues, before they arise, in any real estate transaction that you may have.

Real Estate Settlements

For most people and businesses, buying real estate will be the largest investment made in their lifetime. And while real estate transactions are often characterized as the seamless buying and selling of a piece of property, there are times when issues arise. When that time comes, quality legal representation is invaluable.

The Attorneys at Roland Stock have years of experience in real estate law including breach of the purchase agreement, improperly completed or incomplete disclosure statements, title issues, and general settlement representation.

When one is closing on real estate, time is often of the essence. Please call our law firm today with your legal issue for a free consultation.

Adverse Possession

The law of adverse possession is an anomaly in so far as a trespasser to a parcel of land can gain title to that land so long as they meet certain criteria. A situation such as this is rare, but it does happen. Most commonly, property lines are drawn incorrectly, or neighbors are otherwise mistaken about where his or her property ends, and the neighbors begins.

If you think you have a claim to a piece of real estate, or if you would like a trespasser removed from a piece of real estate you own, please call us today to get in touch with one of our real estate attorneys.

Residential and Commercial Leases

Few things are as important as securing one’s financial security for the future. To some people, that security comes by way of purchasing rental properties. While renting these properties to tenants can be lucrative, one needs to ensure that they use every legal protection available to them by the landlord and tenant law to ensure they are not exposed to undue liability. Such protections are best afforded by drafting an iron-clad commercial or residential lease.

The Attorneys at Roland Stock have years of experience with drafting, editing, and seeking enforcement of commercial and residential leases. Please call us today.

Easements & Covenants

An easement is best described as a non-possessory right to use someone else’s land for a narrow and well-defined purpose. Shared driveways are a very common example. Easements can apply to only one party, or obligations can run with a piece of property in perpetuity. Issues related to easements often center around whether or not an easement was ever properly created, how a properly created easement should be interpreted, and whether or not an easement should pass to new homeowners.

Covenants, which are similar to easements in so far as they also can be applied to an individual or to a piece of property, are more similar to a contract. A covenant is often a restriction on a landowner’s right to use a piece of property they own for a given purpose. These restrictions are often contained in a deed and are agreed to through the normal course of purchasing real estate. Common covenants may be promising to not develop a historical piece of property in such a way that it is no longer historical, promising not to sublease one’s property, and promising not to use one’s property for a commercial use. Many of the same issues as easements often arise.

We at Roland Stock have years of experience drafting, reviewing, and properly recording easements and covenants. When issues arise, we have litigated easement and covenant disputes. If you need assistance in drafting or enforcing an easement, please call us today for legal advice from one of our real estate attorneys.

Condominium Communities and Homeowner’s Associations

Homeowner’s Associations and Condominium Communities are organizations dedicated to preserving the value of real-estate assets for a given community. Through a Board of Directors — the bylaws, covenants, and regulations governing a community are enforced. Common covenants and rules include limiting the color of paint a home can be painted, limiting the amount and type of landscaping allowed, and restricting the installation of certain improvements, such as swimming pools.

The real estate attorneys at Roland Stock have years of experience in the formation of Condominium Communities and Homeowner’s Associations, enforcement of covenants, bylaws and regulations of these communities, and in representing individual’s aggrieved by his or her community.

Please call us today for a free consultation.

Zoning Appeals

Whether it is applying for a variance to build a swimming pool or seeking a special exception in order to operate your business, an appearance in front of the Zoning Appeal Board of a city or municipality is a costly endeavor. Even more important, an appearance in front of the Zoning Appeal Board is a formal legal proceeding, and an applicant will be expected to observe the proper procedure and meet the requirements of the city or municipal code in order to be successful.

Don’t leave such an important and costly determination to chance. The Attorneys at Roland Stock have been receiving positive results for clients in front of Zoning Appeal Boards for decades. We have developed a comprehensive understanding of Pennsylvania zoning law and know what to expect. Please call us today.

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